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I currently have some spaces available for psychotherapy, supervision and expert witness work.

The Relational Change Diploma/Certificate in Contemporary Trauma Practice is now full. A waiting list is being held in case we run this again. Please contact the Course Manager Martin Capps at

Psychotherapy I am a Gestalt psychotherapist registered with UKCP. I have been in private practice since 1995. I worked for an independent trauma service for over six years, and previously as clinical lead of a young peoples' service. I see clients for general psychotherapy, as well as for specialist trauma work following childhood abuse, assault, accidents and so on. Within a holistic framework, I offer some EMDR but focus mainly on Sensorimotor methods for healing trauma. This is a very gentle, safe and effective approach which seeks primarily to get some control over symptoms before working directly with any trauma. It is highly compatible with my primary Gestalt training. If you are someone who has experienced something traumatic, I won't press you to tell your story, and will pay attention to the things that work for you as much as to the things that trouble you. I take referrals from the general public and from other professionals. I work with adults and young people over the age of 14.

About Gestalt Psychotherapy I work as a relational Gestalt therapist. Many people have concerns about who they are in the world, where they fit and how they are received. These questions become more pressing when we face difficult circumstances. I am interested in this relationship between self and other, and how we approach or withdraw from contact, and this includes the therapeutic relationship. I provide a respectful space in which to bring attention and understanding to aspects of my clients’ experience of being in the world that they tend to be unaware of, bringing fresh appreciation ofones' self in relationship. Gestalt is a holistic approach and therapy usually includes work with the body and sometimes with the natural world and spirituality, focussing particularly on what is happening in the here-and-now. I try to make sense of experience in a way that matches what the world feels like to my client as a unique individual. My relational approach is very much a shared undertaking, looking always for a good attunement between me and my client, following where they need to go and trusting in the process.
I resource myself through my strong connection to nature, which took me to a Wilderness Experience in the US in 2014, and supports my capacity to listen deeply. I have a regular personal meditation practice, I do tai-chi, walk, read widely, enjoy world cinema and music, and am learning to play the cello.

Supervision and Consultation I am a supervisor of both trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, individually and in groups. I also offer specialist consultation for practitioners working with trauma.

Training and Talks I have been teaching adults for over thirty years , firstly in personal development, and later in counselling and psychotherapy. I have been a Primary Tutor, Academic Consultant and examiner at Metanoia Institute, and present workshops in the private, voluntary and statutory sectors, as well as for psychotherapy conferences in the UK and abroad. I offer a range of workshops, and enjoy being able to pass on some of my specialist interests in trauma, the body, neuroscience and relational connection.

Recent workshops have included:

  • I am Course Leader for a Certificate and Diploma in Contemporary Trauma Practice for Relational Change
  • Choices in Trauma Therapy
  • Too Much and Too Little: Working with the Traumatised Body
  • Understanding and Working with Dissociation
  • The Well-Resourced Therapist
  • Neglectful Therapy
  • Trauma, Psyche and Society
  • The Well-Grounded Therapist (co-facilitated with Vienna Duff)
  • Trauma in the Relational Field
  • Trauma Reflections
  • What Doesn't Kill Me
  • The Ecology of Trauma

Workshop testimonial 'Miriam Taylor, I loved her workshop. It was called the Well-Resourced Therapist, and she integrated it all with a Gestalt framework in a way that I hadn’t been exposed to before. So it was very affirming and enriching. One of the things that stood out for me was Miriam’s embodied practice and her congruence with her own work in herself, in her presence, in her very, very finely tuned embodied presence and the importance of that in her work with people who are traumatised, in addition to how it also supports her to her sustain herself.' Kath McCarthy, GANZ Review 2016 Vol 13.no1

I was international guest trainer at the Kairos Institute summer school in Syracuse, Sicily in May 2015, and invited speaker at the Intstitue Humanistico Integral in Durango Mexico in February 2016. Other organisations I have worked with include: Transport for London; Brighton Therapy Partnership; Focus in Hull; Worcester Rape Crisis; Gestalt Centre, London and the Dublin Gestalt Centre; nscience, London and Dublin; Istituo Gestalt HCC Italy; Magyar Gestalt Institute, Budapest; COSRT; Norwegian Gestalt Association.

Presentations Recent presentations have been for the All Wales Psychotherapy Network, GPTI, Oxford Psychotherapy Society, West London Counselling Centre, Brighton Therapy Partnership and an inter-disciplinary Phenomenology and Health Symposium at Oxford University . Jointly with Lynda Osborne I presented a research project into a group intervention for sexual trauma at the AAGT conference at Asilomar, California, in September 2014. I also presented at a conference Working with Trauma in a Traumatised Field at Esalen Institute in California in February 2016. Most recently I offered a day workshop and main programme presentation at the AAGT/EAGT Conference The Aesthetic of Otherness at Taormina in Sicily. For AAGT conference 2018 in Toronto, my kepnote presentation was titled 'In the Face of Trauma: Relationship, Ethics and the Possibility of Presence'
Television and interviews: An interview with me about neuroscience, trauma and Greek tragedy was recorded by Italian national television service RAI on 29th May 2015. An interview with Guy Macpherson for the Trauma Therapsit Project Podcast series was released in October 2015. Click here to hear it.

Relational Change I am a member of the Leadership Team for Relational Change ( We seek to promote growth by working to improve relationships with individuals, groups and communities.

Expert Witness work I have over seven years' experience of Expert Witness work. I have been trained to provide both written and oral evidence to the courts, particularly in respect to PTSD, Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders.


I am author of several works on trauma:
'On Safe Ground: Using Sensorimotor Methods in Trauma Work', 2013, British Gestalt Journal, 22:2 (5-13)

My book: ‘Trauma Therapy and Clinical Practice: Neuroscience, Gestalt and the Body’, Open University Press. ( was published in March 2014.

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Recent review of my book: 'Miriam Taylor's [book] is a major contribution to Gestalt therapy's growing catalogue of clinical literature...A clinically sound, theoretically grounded, and highly prac tical guide to working with victims of trauma ..[the]presentation of the Window of Tolerance and the Integrative Model of Change are clinical gems' Peter Cole, Gestalt Review, Vol 20, No 1, 2016

Both French and Italian translations of my book are now available.

My article about research 'On Being Essentially Nosey' was published in French translation in La lettre de recherche en Gestalt-therapy by the Commission Mixte Recherche in April 2015.

Article 'Reconnecting after Trauma: From the personal to the political' translated into Norwegian for : Gestalt, the magazine of the Norsk Gestalttherapeut Forening Vol 1:1 2017

Article: 'Developing a Trauma Mindset' translated into French in Journal de Psychologues, No 359, July 2018

Chapter: Undoing the Splits: A Relational Field Perspective on Trauma in 'The Aesthetic of Otherness: Meeting at the boundary in a desensitsed world' 2018, Bloom, D.; Djoric, D.;.Roubal, J.; Cannavo, M.; La FRosa, R.; Tosi, S.; Pinna, V.; (eds).

Co-Authored article with Vienna Duff: Reorganising the Traumatised Relational Field: The Well Grounded Therapist; in press


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Qualifications I have an MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, and a Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute. I also have an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling, my original qualification being in Education.

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